• "California Here I Come, Right Back Where I Started From"

    Aloha Hawaii and hello California!

    I am an Intaglio Printmaker and I live in San Clemente, California. 

    I began a journey in Oahu, 30 years ago with a group of artists wanting to learn more about printmaking. Dodie Warren was our leader and we were known as "Tuesday's Class" at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. I had done some printing when I lived in New York City, but this was different. We continued exploring various print methods using all sorts of inks, paper, acid, and lots of determination. I took the Wednesday class just to print the plates I made in the Tuesday class. We all had other responsibilities during the rest of the week with work, family, and friends. As we were sharing what was going on in our lives, we were madly printing away, getting our hands dirty, and just exploring the magical world of Intaglio Printing. 

    Slowly, we started working on photogravures and developing methods to use the process for books we were making or shows that we were entering. It was even more exciting and fun to see the changes we were making in our own education in printmaking. During this period, Dodie retired and I took over teaching the class. I had been assisting her for about 10 years and had become her printer when she needed help. I was nervous to teach at first, but then found I really enjoyed the time with my fellow artists and could share some of the techniques Dodie had taught me. Then, one of our students, Jack Reisland (who later became my assistant), introduced us to a new method of Intaglio printmaking using polymer plates. Oh my gosh, we were so thrilled and excited. We started to take our printing to another level with our new ideas. 

    Then, I had some major changes in my life. I needed to start over and have a fresh outlook on what I wanted to do next. It just seemed right to come back to San Clemente and set up my new life in a different beach town across the ocean. I needed a place to continue printing my plates and share my knowledge about printmaking with another set of friends and family. With the help of Jamie Russom I have become a volunteer on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the City of Irvine Fine Arts Center open print studio. 

    I am back in my element using inks, acids, copper plates, polymer plates, paper, and all sorts of other mischief you can get into in the print room. I miss my friends in Honolulu, but they will always be with me in heart. Maybe I will see them in California one day!

    Happy printing, and let me know if you have any thoughts or questions! I would love to share my knowledge.

    - Christine